Investing for your future

Investment returns are vital to securing current and future pensions. Learn why investing is important and how the plan approaches responsible investment.

What happens to your pension contributions

Every time you contribute to your pension, your employer contributes, too. These contributions from you and other plan members and employers are then invested.

Diagram of the evolution of what happens to your pension contributions where you and your employer contribute, contributions pool, BCI invests the contributions, your retire, you get paid, then at death your pension supports your beneficiaries

  1. You and your employer contribute.
  2. Contributions are pooled.
  3. BCI invests the contributions.
  4. You retire.
  5. Your monthly pension is paid
  6. At death, your pension options and beneficiary selections determine what happens to your pension. 

The board provides investment oversight and guidelines to BCI. These guidelines focus on long-term growth and stability of the pension fund. BCI’s experts make investment decisions based on those guidelines.

The plan does a financial review called a valuation at least once every three years. Valuations determine the financial position of the plan and the future contribution rates needed to maintain long-term funding.

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