Valuation report

Valuations are a snapshot in time that assess the financial stability of the BC’s Public Service Pension Plan.

Every three years, an independent actuary (professional with specialized training in financial modelling, the laws of probability and risk management) assesses the financial position of the plan, including the adequacy of employer and employee contribution rates.

Valuation reports examine the plan's assets and liabilities, as well as demographic, investment and economic factors that affect the plan. These reports help the board make decisions on contribution rates. The plan’s Joint Trust Agreement provides guidance on what the board may do with surplus funds determined by the valuation process.

Valuation funding ratio, 2011–2023
Year Per cent
2023 113
2020 110
2017 108
2014 101
2011 99


Read our most recent valuation reports

Actuarial Valuation Report – March 31, 2023
Posted: January 4, 2024

Actuarial Valuation Report – March 31, 2020
Posted: January 11, 2021

Actuarial Valuation Report – March 31, 2017
Posted: December 22, 2017

Three reports are posted online. For archived reports, please contact the Public Service Pension Plan.

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