Tools and resources

Looking for facts about BC's Public Service Pension Plan? These easy-to-share resources provide useful information about the plan for members, employers and union representatives.

British Columbia's public sector pension plans: a source of strength for the economy
Learn how BC’s public sector pension plans benefit the economy, communities and individual plan members in this 2013 report.

What you should know
A short pamphlet summarizing the basic facts about the Public Service Pension Plan.

Q&As: The Public Service Pension Plan: Sustainable, Cost-effective, Fair, Good Value
Answers to the most commonly asked questions about the sustainability, cost, fairness and value of the plan.

Value of the plan for employers
Designed for employer and human resources officers, a brochure about how the plan benefits your organization, with information to help you explain the value of a defined benefit pension plan to your employees.

The PSPP advantage
Learn why the Public Service Pension Plan is a recognized leader in Canada for pension plan design, governance and value to members and employers.