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Sarjit Manhas

Take it from an expert: Sarjit Manhas

What can you expect from life after retirement? We interviewed retired member Sarjit Manhas about her retirement experience.

Sarjit retired in 1997.

What was your profession before you retired?

I started my career in a cabinet minister’s office in 1969 and continued with various cabinet ministers for 22 years. My last role was with the Ministry of Health before I retired in 1997.

What’s the best part about being a plan member?

I believe one of the plan’s greatest strengths is the security it offers members. Knowing my money is sitting in a very reliable, trustworthy place is comforting to me.

How did you feel about your pension when you first started your career versus now?

Now that I am retired, I am thankful for the years of service I contributed. When you’re working, you often don’t think about what those years of service mean. You don’t have the foresight to say, “This is my security.”

Do you remember how you felt when it was time to stop receiving a paycheque and start receiving your pension?

When I first retired, I was anxious about my financial future. I spoke to my son about it, and he said, “But Mom, you have a pension! You’re so lucky.” That was a turning point for me. I realized I can take care of myself in retirement.

How do you connect with the plan?

I used to call the plan quite frequently. I love that I can now sign in to My Account and do everything online. I often read Pension Life to keep up to date with the plan.

What do you look forward to in the next few years?

Well, first, I look forward to good health. With that good health, I hope to continue to do the activities I enjoy. I still volunteer with different organizations to give back to the community. I’m often asked, “Don’t you think it’s about time you finally retire?” My answer? “Not yet.”

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