Your health

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When you retire, health coverage with your employer ends

You can apply for extended health and dental coverage through your pension. This coverage may be different from the coverage you received from your employer. Read the booklet available from Green Shield Canada for details about what’s covered.

Health coverage through the pension plan is not guaranteed. Benefit levels, including premiums, may be changed at any time by the Public Service Pension Board of Trustees.

Green Shield Canada (GSC) is the plan’s extended health and dental carrier

Green Shield Canada provides optional extended health care and dental coverage for you, your spouse and eligible dependants.

Sign in to GSC’s Plan Member Online Services to review and manage your coverage online.

Enrolling in coverage after retirement

Extended health and dental coverage through the plan is optional. However, if you don’t enrol in coverage when you start your pension, you may not be able to enrol in the future. Review the eligibility rules before you decide about coverage.

Making changes to your coverage

After retirement, you may be able to:

  • Add or remove coverage for your spouse or eligible dependants
  • Cancel your coverage
  • Upgrade your dental coverage

Managing your health in retirement

Take advantage of programs from the Government of BC to help you manage your health.

Medical Services Plan of BC (MSP)

To be eligible to enrol in extended health and dental coverage, you must be covered by MSP or your province’s public health insurance. Find out more about MSP, including how to enrol or update your information.