Portfolio performance

Learn how the plan’s investment portfolio performed in recent years.

A benchmark is an industry standard against which an asset’s actual rate of return is compared. The board uses benchmarks to measure how well BCI is performing as an investment manager for the plan.

For the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022, the plan’s one-year return was 7.7 per cent—well above the benchmark target of 3.7 per cent. The five-year annualized return was 8.7 per cent, beating the five-year benchmark of 7.4 per cent.

Both the one-year return and five-year annualized return earned more than the plan’s return objective of 6.0 per cent. This amount is what the plan needs to earn on investments to be able to pay its pension obligations to plan members.

Investment performance - market value rates of return
for the year ended March 31

(All values %) Investment returns Performance benchmark1
Annual Rates
2022 7.7 3.7
2021 17.3 21.0
2020 3.1 (0.4)
2019 6.2 5.8
2018 9.8 8.0
Five-year annualized rates
2022 8.7 7.4
2021 9.7 9.1
Ten-year annualized rates
2022 9.5 8.2
2021 9.3 8.2

1 Benchmarks are standards to compare against actual investment returns.

Annual rate of return - the change in asset values over a year due to interest income, dividends, fees and changes in market value.

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