Investment holdings

BC's Public Service Pension Plan invests in a mix of asset classes to provide the best balance of potential returns and investment risk.

As of March 31, 2021, assets in the Public Service Pension Plan were valued at $38.9 billion.

The Public Service Pension Board of Trustees regularly reviews the plan's asset mix to determine what kind of investments provide the best balance of potential returns and investment risk. This gives the board a general framework for managing plan assets.

The board decides on strategic asset allocation and provides British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI) a tactical range to allow the investment manager some discretion in allocating funds amongst those asset classes.

Investments are held in a variety of asset classes (including mortgages, bonds, equities, real estate, private placements, and infrastructure and renewable resources) across industry sectors and global markets.

The investment portfolio consists primarily of ownership in units of pooled investment portfolios, which are valued regularly based on the fair market value of the underlying assets. The remainder consists of directly held investments.

Investment holdings—market value ($ billions)
as at March 31, 2021

Investment holdings chart

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