Investment holdings

BC's Public Service Pension Plan invests in a mix of asset classes to provide the best balance of potential returns and investment risk.

The Public Service Pension Plan is currently valued at $41.4 billion, as at March 31, 2022.

Plan investments are broadly diversified, which cushions the overall portfolio against lower returns in any one asset category. In other words, the plan doesn’t put all your eggs in one basket.

The board performs regular reviews of the plan’s asset mix. These reviews help determine what kind of investments are right for the plan. One of the board’s goals is to strike the best balance of potential investment returns against investment risk.

The board decides how it wants to invest plan assets and gives BCI’s expert investors some discretion on how to invest within different asset classes. These asset classes include bonds, global equities, real estate and more.

Pooled investment portfolios make up most of the plan’s investments. The board reviews these pooled portfolios regularly. The remaining funds are in directly held investments.

Investment holdings—market value ($ billions)
as at March 31, 2022

Investment holdings chart

1 Infrastructure and renewable resources.
2 Emerging markets equities.

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