Pension security and investments

Despite the extraordinary events of 2020, the plan remains secure, sustainable and reliable.

The plan’s investment agent, the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI), has laid the foundation to prepare for a market downturn for some time. As a result, the plan remains well funded for its members now and into the future.

The plan’s investment strategy follows a disciplined, long-term approach. This includes effectively understanding and managing risk in order to achieve the plan’s investment objectives. As part of overall risk management, the plan’s investments are broadly diversified, which means that the plan invests in a broad range of asset classes, industry sectors and geographic regions. This cushions the overall portfolio against lower returns in any one category, including during a market downturn.

While market uncertainty will remain in the near time, strategies like these help to mitigate the impact. As the full extent of the pandemic’s impact begins to unfold, BCI continues to focus on safeguarding plan assets through risk management, and by expanding and diversifying investment strategies. These measures will support the plan in making sure that all members, from those retired to those who just joined, receive a pension.

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