Retirement health coverage and you

Support your health and peace of mind. Learn about the coverage options available to you as a retired member of BC’s Public Service Pension Plan.


You are eligible to enrol in the extended health care and dental plans if you are:

  • A retired member receiving a pension from the Public Service Pension Plan
  • A permanent resident of Canada
  • Covered under your provincial health insurance plan

Your spouse and/or eligible dependant(s) may qualify for coverage if:

  • You are eligible for coverage under the extended health care and/or dental plan
  • They are covered under their provincial health insurance plan

If you are receiving a pension as a beneficiary of a plan member, you may qualify for coverage. Contact us for more information.

Moving to a new province

If you move from one province or territory in Canada to another, you are eligible for coverage if you:

  • Notify us of your new address within 60 days of your move, and confirm the date of your move
  • Enrol in the provincial health plan of your new province or territory

Moving to a new country or returning to Canada

If you are moving out of the country and will no longer be a permanent resident of Canada, you will no longer be eligible for coverage. You may be able to reapply for extended health care and dental coverage if you return to live in Canada and apply within 60 days of your return.