Extended health care coverage

Learn about the extended health care coverage available to you, your spouse and/or eligible dependant(s).

Extended health care is a supplemental plan that pays for medical services and products not covered by the Medical Services Plan of BC and other provincial health plans. These services and products include prescription drugs, vision care, hearing aids, medical aids and supplies, and the cost of some professional services such as physiotherapy.

See the Green Shield Canada My Benefit Plan booklet for details about eligible expenses, maximum reimbursements, deductibles and prescription drug coverage.

If you decide to enrol in the extended health care plan, you will pay a monthly premium that may be subsidized based on your years of pensionable service. These premiums will be deducted from your monthly pension payment.

The Public Service Pension Board of Trustees regularly reviews current health benefit funding to ensure it is sufficient to cover future needs. Coverage can change at any time, and your premiums, subsidies and deductibles could increase, decrease or be eliminated.