Cancel your retirement health coverage

Learn how to cancel your enrolment in the extended health care and dental plans.

You can cancel your:

  • Extended health care coverage at any time
  • Dental coverage after you have been a member of the plan for 12 months

If you cancel your coverage, you may not be able to re-enrol yourself, your spouse and/or eligible dependant(s) in the plan(s) later on. To re-enrol, you must have had continuous coverage in a different plan from the date you cancelled your coverage with us – your spouse and/or dependant(s) must have as well.

You must cancel your coverage if you, your spouse and/or dependant(s) no longer qualify. For example, this could occur if:

  • You move out of the country
  • You separate or divorce
  • Your child turns 19 (or 25 if they are attending a post-secondary institution full time)
  • Your child marries or lives in a common-law relationship
  • Your child under age 25 is no longer enrolled full time in a university or educational institute
  • Your child works more than 30 hours per week on a permanent (year-round) basis
  • Your spouse or dependent child dies

Cancelling your coverage

To cancel your coverage, tell us in writing the specific coverage you want to end:

  • Sign into My Account and click the envelope for Message Centre


  • Mail or fax us and include three personal identifiers (such as your Person ID, full name, date of birth, telephone number and address) with your request

When your coverage will end

We will cancel your coverage at the end of the month we receive your request. For example, if you send us your cancellation request on April 5, we will cancel your coverage as of April 30. You can continue to use your coverage until April 30, as long as you submit any claims by the deadline.

Please make sure your pharmacist, dentist and any other health care provider does not submit claims for services on your behalf after the last day of the month in which you submitted your cancellation request. If Green Shield Canada reimburses you for services received after your cancellation date, your coverage cancellation date will be moved to the last day of that month and the premium for that coverage will be deducted from your pension payment.

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