Types of plan members

There are four types of plan members: active, inactive, retired and limited.

The four types of plan members in BC's Public Service Pension Plan are:

  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Retired
  • Limited

You are an active member, if you do one of the following:

  • Work and contribute to the Public Service Pension Plan 
  • Are on an approved leave of absence 
  • Receive benefits from an approved group disability plan 
  • Are still working but have 35 years of pensionable service and therefore can no longer contribute to the plan

You are an inactive member if you no longer work for an employer participating in the plan and decide to leave your contributions in the plan until you retire.

You are a retired member when you stop working for an employer participating in the plan and begin collecting your pension. If you are receiving a survivor's or limited member's pension, you are considered a retired member.

If you are a former spouse   of a plan member and entitled to a portion of their pension, you can apply to become a limited member after your separation or divorce. As a limited member, you can receive your share of your former spouse's pension directly from the plan when your former spouse reaches their earliest retirement age.