Buying service for a leave

Learn about your options for buying service during or after a leave of absence.

You may be able to increase your future pension by buying service for an approved leave of absence.

Buying service for your leave of absence may increase the monthly pension amount you receive when you retire or get you closer to an unreduced pension.

In most cases, you can buy service for your leave after you return to work. For certain types of leaves (such as maternity, parental/adoption and compassionate care leaves), you can also buy service for your leave by continuing to contribute while you’re away.

Leave of absence with partial pay, top-up or allowance from your employer

During a leave with partial pay, top-up or allowance from your employer, your pension contributions and pensionable service are adjusted. For example, if you receive half your regular pay during a leave, you will be making half your regular pension contributions and accumulating half your regular pensionable service. The amount of service available to buy is the difference between your partial leave and your normal assignment.

Unpaid leave of absence

During an unpaid leave, you do not contribute to the pension plan and you do not accumulate any pensionable or contributory service. However, you may be able to buy service for the time you took off work on an approved leave.