Apply for direct deposit to an overseas account

Apply online if you’re living outside of Canada and the United States and want us to deposit your pension payment into your overseas bank account.

Before you begin

Registering for your Convera GlobalPay account is a 6-step process. Please read the instructions below carefully before you start your application.

How to set up your account

To arrange for direct deposit of your monthly pension payment to your bank account outside of Canada and the United States:

  1. At the bottom of this page, click Register for global pay. This will open the Convera Business Solutions for GlobalPay Payee Manager website.
  2. In the Payee ID box, type your Person ID. Find your Person ID on any mail you receive from the pension plan. In the Campaign Name field, choose BC Pension.
  3. On the Beneficiary Contact Information screen (step 1 of 6), type your name and address. You are the beneficiary of your monthly pension payment.
  4. On the Enrollee Contact Information screen (step 2 of 6), type your name, email and phone number. You are enrolling yourself for monthly pension payments.
  5. On the Login Information screen (step 3 of 6), choose New User, then type a username and password, choose a challenge question and type your challenge answer.
    Choose your login information carefully. You will use your username and password to log in to your GlobalPay account. You will use your challenge question and answer to access your GlobalPay account if you ever get locked out.
  6. On the Bank Account Information screen (step 4 of 6), provide your local bank and account information:
    1. To add your bank account details automatically, type your bank account number and click Find A Bank.
    2. In the Notification of Electronic Payment Initiation section, check that your email address is correct and choose your language preference.
    3. Under Remittance Options, go to the Remit Attention box and type your name. In the Remit E-Mail Address box, type your email address.
  7. On the Service Agreement screen (step 5 of 6) review the service agreement and online privacy statement.
  8. On the summary screen (step 6 of 6), review the information you have provided.

When you have successfully set up your account and payment options, you will receive an email from Convera confirming you have enrolled. You will receive a second email from Convera when your account is activated.

Next steps

Once your GlobalPay account has been activated, please allow up to four weeks for your first electronic payment to be processed. 

After you receive your first electronic payment, you should receive your international pension payments within five business days of the Canadian pension payment dates. The amount of your pension payment in your local currency may vary from month to month based on changes in international exchange rates.

Sign in to your GlobalPay account at any time to review exchange rates and fees (if any), or update your bank account and preferred foreign currency.

Having issues with registration or have questions?

If you're having trouble with your Convera GlobalPay account or registering for a new account, please contact Convera.


Phone: 1-800-815-2460 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Central Time
Note: number is toll-free in Canada and the U.S.; long distance charges apply in other countries


If you are a retired member living outside of Canada and the United States, you can sign up to have your monthly pension payment deposited directly into your overseas bank account.

Required information

To sign up for global transfer, you will need:

  • Person ID (you can find this on any letter sent to you by the plan, in My Account or by contacting us)
  • Address
  • Bank information (bank location, country and account number)
  • Desired currency
  • Computer access and an email address

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