What we heard

Read a summary of what members told us about their prescription drug plan preferences.

Retirement group health benefits review

The Public Service Pension Board of Trustees aims to provide members access to health benefits in retirement at a reasonable cost. That’s why we regularly review the pension plan’s health benefits. We want to ensure we are managing them effectively.

What we heard from members

In fall 2020, we surveyed members about their preferences for changing the prescription drug plan. This plan is part of extended health care coverage. We opened the survey to retired members and active members within five years of retirement. More than 1,300 members participated. We’d like to share what you told us.

Next steps

We will review the input provided by members. Your responses will be one part of our decision making. We will also consider many other aspects. This includes

  • analyzing claims data
  • comparing similar plans
  • reviewing administrative expenses and premiums

Our health benefits consultant will provide us with its final report. We expect to announce a decision and implementation timeline later in 2021.

Retirement group health benefits review

Read the summary of what we heard from members