Short-term disability benefits and your pension

Learn how a short-term disability leave might affect your pension.

If you are unable to work due to illness or injury, you may be entitled to receive short-term disability benefits.

Short-term disability benefits are full or partial pay that you receive from your union or employer when your illness or injury:

  • Is not work related (and therefore not covered by WorkSafeBC)
  • Does not yet qualify as a long-term disability

These benefits are sometimes called "paid sick leave" or "short-term injury or illness plan."

How short-term disability benefits affect your pension

When you receive short-term disability benefits for time away from work, your pension may be affected. How it is affected depends on who pays the benefits: your union or employer.

Short-term disability benefits paid by union or employer

If your union or employer pays your short-term disability benefits directly to you, you will continue to make full pension contributions and accumulate pensionable and contributory service as though you were working. Your pension will continue to increase while you are receiving short-term disability benefits.

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Short-term disability benefits not paid by union or employer

If your union or employer doesn't pay your short-term disability benefits directly to you (for example, if your benefits are paid by a group life insurance carrier), you and your employer will not make pension contributions while you are off work.