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Discover key decisions you can make throughout your career to maximize your pension.

Pension education for everyone

No matter what your life stage or learning style is, we’ve got pension education for you:

  • Getting to Know Your Pension: This 15-minute online course introduces you to the value and benefits of pension membership.
  • Making the Most of Your Pension: Available as online learning or an instructor-led webinar, this offering teaches you how the decisions you make throughout your career can affect your pension.
  • Approaching Retirement: When you start thinking about retirement, take this online learning or instructor-led webinar to learn about the choices you need to make about your pension.

Start off strong by transferring service

Did you know that if you have contributed to another public sector pension plan, you may be eligible to transfer that service to the Public Service Pension Plan?

Transferring service can increase your pensionable service, which may increase the value of your pension. It can also increase your contributory service, which may allow you to retire earlier with an unreduced pension.

Transferring service may not always be to your advantage. We recommend you talk to an independent financial planner to help you understand if transferring service is right for you.

Get credit for non-contributory service

If you worked for an employer that participated in the Public Service Pension Plan but did not make pension contributions, you may be eligible to buy non-contributory service.

For example, this may apply to you if you were on probation at your job or worked as a term, contract or auxiliary employee before you joined the plan.

Buying non-contributory service increases the service that counts toward your pension. This may increase the monthly pension payment amount you receive when you retire or allow you to apply for an unreduced pension earlier.

Pension pro tip

Looking to boost your retirement income? The easiest way is to increase your pensionable service (your actual or deemed time worked for the plan). Usually, when you take an approved leave from work, you stop earning pensionable service. However, you can choose to make contributions during your leave or buy service after your leave to make this time count toward your pension.

Learn more about time off work and buying service

Don’t miss out: check your enrolment date

Check the enrolment date on your Enrolment Confirmation Statement. This statement was mailed to you shortly after you became a plan member. If you believe you were eligible to join the plan earlier than that date, talk to your employer. You may have enrolment arrears.

Learn more about buying service for arrears