When you can retire

Learn how your age at retirement affects your pension.

When you can retire for correctional members

Qualifying for an unreduced pension

Although you can apply for your pension as early as age 50, your pension will be reduced if you stop working for a plan employer before you turn 55 and do not meet the criteria for an unreduced pension.

Under the current plan design, you qualify for an unreduced pension if, at the date of your retirement, you are:

  • 50 or older, and your age plus years of contributory service equals 85 or more
  • 55 or older, with two or more years of contributory service
  • 60 or older, with any amount of contributory service

Receiving a reduced pension

If your age and years of service do not meet the rule of 85, your pension will be reduced by three per cent per year if you terminate employer after age 45 with at least 10 years contributory service. Otherwise, it’s five per cent per year before age 55.

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