COVID-19 update: To minimize service impacts and ensure the safety of our staff, we’re not accepting paper documents. Please send your personal forms and paperwork through My Account Message Centre. If you cannot access My Account, aren’t a pension plan member or are submitting on behalf of someone else, please contact us.

Submit a form to claim your share of your former spouse's pension

Send us a form to claim your share of your former spouse's pension and get information about the pension.

Submit the form

  1. Complete Form P1 Claim and request for information and notice online 
  2. Print the form 
  3. Sign the form in the presence of a witness
  4. Submit the form to BC’s Public Service Pension Plan


You can submit this form if you are the former spouse of a plan member.

Required information
  • Your former spouse’s social insurance number or Person ID number (contact the plan if you need the Person ID number)
  • The signature of a witness on Form P1
  • If you are using the form to give us permission to share information with others, such as a lawyer or actuary, their names and addresses

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