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Submit a form to change your beneficiary

Send us a form to name a new beneficiary after you have retired.

Submit the form

  1. Complete the Change of beneficiary (for retired member) form online
  2. Print, sign and date the form
  3. Mail the form to BC's Public Service Pension Plan

If you are naming more than two beneficiaries or wish to name alternate beneficiaries, include this information on a separate sheet and attach it to the form. To be valid, the sheet must include your name and signature dated with the same date as on the form.

Another way to change your beneficiary information

Sign in to My Account to change your beneficiary(ies).

You can also name beneficiaries in your will.


You can change your beneficiary if you are receiving a:

  • Single life pension with a guarantee for 5, 10 or 15 years, and want to change your beneficiary(ies) or alternates during the guarantee period
  • Joint life pension with a guarantee for 5, 10 or 15 years, and want to name an alternate beneficiary(ies) should your spouse die before you during the guarantee period
Required information
  • If you are naming a person as a beneficiary, you need to provide their:
    • name
    • relationship to you
    • date of birth 
  • If you are naming an organization as a beneficiary, you need to provide its exact name (and chapter and branch, if applicable) – including the organization's Canada Revenue Agency registration number may help ensure faster payment
  • If you are naming a trust, it is helpful to include the trust account number

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