What types of service you can buy

Learn about the types of service you can buy to potentially increase your future pension.

Buying non-contributory service

You may be able to increase your future pension by buying non-contributory service for a period when you worked for an employer participating in BC’s Public Sector Pension Plan but did not make pension contributions.

This could be a period when you were on probation or worked as a term, contract or auxiliary employee before joining the plan. 

However, you cannot buy non-contributory service if you were eligible to join the plan but signed a waiver choosing not to join on or after April 1, 2000.

Buying non-contributory service increases the pensionable service   that counts toward your pension. This may increase the monthly pension you receive when you retire or allow you to retire earlier.

Your employer will pay the employer portion of the total cost if:

  • An employee/employer relationship existed during the period when you were not contributing to the plan
  • You did not receive compensation in place of contributions to a registered pension plan

In all other cases, you are responsible for paying the entire cost.

The application deadline is five years from when you began contributing to the plan or before you leave your job, whichever comes first.