Pension Life - Summer 2023

A smart choice: Travel insurance

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The group health benefits available through the plan do not provide travel medical coverage. If you are planning to travel outside of British Columbia, consider buying travel medical insurance before you leave.

Travelling in Canada

If you travel to another province and need medical care, BC’s provincial health insurance, the Medical Services Plan (MSP), may pay for some—but not all—medical costs incurred. MSP will help pay for some unexpected medical services. See MSP coverage, in the external links sidebar, to learn more details.

Travel insurance is a good idea even for brief trips. For more information about travelling to other provinces, see Leaving BC temporarily, under external links.

Travelling abroad

It’s important to consider buying travel medical insurance if you travel outside of Canada. This includes travel to the United States, even for short daytrips. Neither MSP nor the plan’s group health benefits provide out-of-country coverage. If you have a medical emergency while outside of Canada, you will pay out-of-pocket for your medical care. Travel medical insurance will help pay some costs up front or help you recover these costs, depending on the type of coverage you have. Some hospitals and clinics outside Canada will not treat you unless you have travel insurance or proof you can pay for services.

Find the right travel insurance for you

You can buy travel insurance through your credit card company, travel agent, insurance broker and private health insurance companies. For example, GreenShield, the administrator for the plan’s group health benefits for retired members, also offers travel medical insurance through their SureAway program. See SureAway in the external links sidebar. If you are a member of the British Columbia Retired Employees' Association, you have access to exclusive group rates through Johnson Insurance. Learn more by visiting their website, found under external links.

Each insurance plan is different, so research your options based on your needs. For tips and guidance, see Travel insurance, in the external links sidebar.

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GreenShield (GSC) provides retired plan members access to optional extended health care and dental coverage. For more information on your plan coverage or online services, please contact GSC directly at 1-888-711-1119.